Indoor Commercial Sweeping Robot Full-automatic Robot Vacuum Sweeper Car Strong Sunction 120Ah

Indoor Commercial Sweeping Robot Full-automatic Robot Vacuum Sweeper Car Strong Sunction 120Ah

Short Description:

1.Intelligent unmanned driving
2.Multiple security guarantees
3.Excellent Trafficability
4.Excellent cleaning effect

Product Detail

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Model No. mop
Nominal voltage 24V
Nominal capacity 120Ah
maximum work efficiency
Maximum speed
Charging method Manual charging/Auto charging
Battery life
Weight 90Kg
Dimension 0.76x0.63x0.71m
Recommended application scenes:
Industrial park, factory building, offifice building, commercial
complex, transportation hub, logistics warehouse, hotel, medical
institution, school, sports venue, etc.

★All-round cleaning
★Start tasks automatically
★Three functions in one ,including sweeping,sucking and mopping
★All in one design,with optional spray disinfection module

Commercial Floor Sweeper

iMop is a small product in its robot series unmanned sweeper. It is a robot that provides daily cleaning and maintenance services of sweeping, vacuuming and dust pushing for indoor commercial scenes. It focuses on hospitals, supermarkets, office buildings, shopping centers, transportation hubs, logistics warehouses, real estate and other ground solid state cleaning of small garbage.

Commercial Floor Sweeper

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