Caravan Mover Battery

Caravan Mover Battery

Looking for a new Caravan mover battery?

What do you need to keep in mind? Weight is obviously important, but too light means the battery will be empty before you get home. Too heavy and you’ll be dragging unnecessary weight on vacation and we all know that going on vacation with a caravan means we want to travel as light as possible.

What kind of battery?

Lithium is of course light and still has a high capacity, but... still Lithium is not a good choice for a mover. This mainly has to do with the high currents that a mover draws, the BMS in a Lithium battery cannot handle such heavy currents.

Of course there are also Lithium batteries that can handle higher currents but then the costs are getting too high again.

Do you notice that the caravan mover is becoming more and more difficult to work with?

Discover the new and replacement caravan mover batteries from LIAO. This way you can easily and better set your heavy caravan in the desired place.

Don't wait too long to replace your battery, because nothing is more annoying than a stuttering caravan mover.